OK – you have planned your clinic, you have booked patients, and you have ordered vaccine and needed supplies. You are ready to go.

On the day of an immunization clinic, here are the steps we recommend you follow before your patients start arriving.

Receive and Prepare Vaccine

You will receive the vaccine doses prior to the start of your immunization clinic. Confirm the amount received matches your immunization clinic planning and the number of patients booked. Handle the vaccines following the manufacturer’s and public health direction (cold storage, preparation, etc.).

Pre-loading syringes

If you have decided to pre-load vaccine before seeing patients, now is a good time to do so. Remember to clearly record the process and label any pre-loaded syringes.

Team Huddle

Have all team members (with PPE) had a brief, distanced meeting? The immunization clinic lead will ensure that all team members feel comfortable with their roles for the immunization clinic and questions are answered.

Review Patient Flow

Briefly go over the flow and process with everyone. This is especially helpful if there are different clinicians and volunteers helping.

Remind People of Infection Control Practices

Outline staff requirements and PPE, and when rooms, chairs, etc. will be cleaned.

Review the Pre-Clinic Checklist

The immunization clinic lead should run through your pre-clinic checklist developed in the planning phase.

Highlight New Changes

Highlight changes to process from previous immunization clinics you may have run so that everyone knows what to expect.

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