When your immunization clinic is running, there are several activities that are not directly tied to individual patient flow, these are briefly outlined below.

Infection Prevention and Control

This includes use of PPE and ensuring all areas are wiped down between encounters and that all surfaces are disinfected at least once an hour, this includes:

  • Check-in and screening areas
  • All waiting areas (pre- and post-immunization)
  • Vaccine prep areas
  • All immunization stations

Hand hygiene should occur between each patient, before vaccine doses are prepared, and at any time of potential contamination.

Maintaining Supplies

Ensure that all supplies that are needed are available at each location.

Call People From Your Waiting List

If you have any missed appointments or extra doses as you near the end of the clinic, be sure to arrange to have additional people nearby to receive these doses so vaccine does not go to waste.

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