Following the immunization clinic, there are several aspects to consider for proper follow up for patients who attended and those who did not.

Much of the follow up can be optimized by using your EMR with “followup” flags (or ticklers or whatever your EMR calls them) and generating recall reports.

Follow Up Missed Doses

Some patients will, invariably, miss the immunization clinic. Ensure that you reach out to people who were scheduled but missed appointments from previous immunization clinics. Connect through phone or virtual care and seek to understand reasons for missing the clinic. Encourage rescheduling if they have not received immunization elsewhere.

Follow Up Declined Doses

Some patients will have declined immunizations on the first available offering and were not booked.

It will be important to plan to revisit with each of them to see if they have changed their mind or have received immunization elsewhere in the interim. We know that many people are hesitating initially and may be more willing after the initial successful immunizations. So, an initial decline does not mean they will not eventually change their minds.

Plan for brief, follow up check-ins to answer questions and encourage reconsidering immunization.

By using your EMR, you can create a recall list for those who declined and need a follow-up on the declined immunization.

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