Below are some general instructions to create a search query in your EMR that align with a particular criteria.

Children and Youth

Children and Youth born in 2009 or earlier (12+) are currently eligible to get dose 1 of the vaccine. Those younger are currently not in the BC plan as the immunization studies are not yet completed for people under the age of 12. These studies are ongoing and the guidance will be updated when the evidence is clear.

Identified Clinical Diagnoses that Increase Risk

We have summarized the clinical diagnoses known to increase risk for mortality along with their codes and some ways to find them in EMR data here:

Risk ConditionDiagnostic Codes (ICD-9)Medications (ATC)Lab Values or other results
Cancer and undergoing active chemotherapy140-239
AND (L01 OR LO4)
Lung cancer who are undergoing radical radiotherapy212.3, 212.9, 162-165Would need chart review for radiotherapy
Immunosuppression (acquired, medication related or hereditary)279, 288OR L01AA OR L04
Asthma493OR R03
Cystic Fibrosis277
Combined immunodeficiency2792
Down’s Syndrome and other congenital disorders758
Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease5855, 5856AND eGFR<15
Transplantv42, 996L04
Uncontrolled Diabetes250AND A1c > 7.5%

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