If you are using paper charts but can make simple queries in your payments or scheduling tools, then you should be able to make simple aged based queries. These are not a bad place to start. Create the lists of patients based on age criteria that match your eligibility criteria in your phase.

Then, you can search by billing codes in your province to filter for higher risk conditions or you could review the age filtered list manually and highlight patients with clinical vulnerability based on the criteria. This will be more important in younger patients as risk due to age decreases and other elements (cancer, etc.) become relatively more important to an individual’s overall risk.

Be sure to track all of those patients who have been vaccinated so you do not try to recall them more than needed.

NOTE: When using age based criteria the list will change if run on different days based on people’s birthday, so if running the list multiple times, it may need updating or the use of specific birthdays rather than ages.

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